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Hello Gorgeous

Hair and nails reinforcing beauty tea 70g
100% natural
Strengthens hair and nails
Cleanses the body of toxins
Supports weight loss

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Hello Gorgeus is a special blend prepared to strengthen your hair and nails. Carefully composed on the basis of green tea, with the addition of such active ingredients as horsetail, nettle leaf, cornflower and birch leaf. Vitamins are provided by green oat, apple and pineapple.
Hello Gorgeus is rich in antioxidant and detoxifying substances that enhance Your beauty. With our tea Your hair will become strong and shiny and You will feel even more attractive.


strengthens hair and nails
cleanses the body of toxins
supports weight loss
boosts energy


Data sheet

100 gram
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Green tea, nettle leaf, horsetail, pineapple, cornflower, heartsease, birch leaf, green oats, apple.
Green tea
Green tea
Thanks to the flavonoid content it has a rejuvenating effect, fights free radicals and supports slimming by blocking the formation of fat cells, adds a lot of healthy energy.
Nettle leaf
Cleanses the body of toxins, accelerates digestion and improves the appearance of hair and nails. Dried nettle leaves are used externally and topically for treating acne and blemishes.
Improves metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins; helps to fight food cravings
Birch leaf
Detoxifies, improves metabolism, and strengthens the hair. Birch leaves and the bark of the tree contain astringent properties making them an effective treatment for various skin conditions.
Green oats
Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, silica, vitamins B, D, E and antioxidants as well as saponins accelerating fat burning. Removes toxins, strenghtens hair, skin and nails.
Antibacterial, remineralizing and regenerating. This herb is a valuable source of flavonoids, potassium and silicon, which large amounts are necessary in the proper functioning of rapidly growing tissues, that is in the skin, hair and nails.

Use 2 tblsp of Hello Gorgeous in a Tea Infuser or Tumbler and add near boiling water.
Allow our Tea to infuse 5-7 minutes before drinking.
Tip: Definitely delicious without any extras, can be as well drunk with lemon, honey or natural sweeteners if needed.

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