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What are the advantages of our Detox tea?


Chi in ancient Chinese means vital energy, the key to healthy body and happy soul. Tea is believed to be a powerful source of these natural powers . FIT SENSEI’s Power of Chi Detox tea has a great deal of positive effects:

• Detox & Cleanse: Power of Chi Detox Tea ingredients help in getting rid of toxins and excess water from organism

• Clear and Radiant Complexion: rich in antioxidants Power of Chi Detox Tea reduces toxins responsible for acne and fights signs of aging

• Weight Loss: promotes fat burning and reduces food cravings

• Boosted Metabolism: supports and speeds up digestion, reduces bloating

• Hydration: helps staying hydrated during the day.

• Energy: Power of Chi Detox Tea provides you with loads of healthy energy.


Can I use FIT SENSEI products if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?


During pregnancy and breastfeeding we recommend our caffeine-free teas, such as relaxing Good Karma, Power of Chi Night or The Spa Effect. Please be sure to consult your doctor before use. Detailed list of our ingredients is available on our website.


Which Tea, when?


The Power of Chi Detox tea is a program composed of a day and a night blend. The day detox tea will help you wake up and raise your energy levels, and the night tea has a soothing and relaxing effect, preparing your body for the night rest.

The Good Karma tea is caffeine-free and can be consumed at a time of distress. It relaxes and hydrates your body with it’s aromatheraputical fragrance notes and soothing herbs.

The Hello Gorgeous tea contains a source of green tea and it’s best consumed during the day. It’s beauty enhancing ingredients are most effective in enhancing your charm especially if you drink the tea once or more times a day.

The Spa Effect tea is based on white tea, lighter in caffeine than the green tea, and can therefore be consumed at any time during the day. To reveal your inner beauty, drink the tea once or more times a day.

The Harmonic tea contains, next to Pu-Erh tea - fennel, mint, chamomile, ginger. With its caffeine content it is best consumed during afternoon, to enhance your digestion and reduce bloating.


Which Teas Are Safe for Children?


Whole range of our products is based on 100% natural ingredients, therefore it can generally be consumed by all age groups. For the younger tea enthusiasts we nevertheless suggest caffeine free teas such as Good Karma or Power of Chi detox night tea. None of our teas contain black tea, considered the least healthy of all tea family.


How to enhance our body Detox program?


While on our 14 or 28 days Power of Chi Duo Detox program, we highly recommend you drink a cup of tea every morning and evening. In order to increase your results, try to have a balanced, healthy diet and exercise regularly.