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We believe the most important thing in life is maintaining healthy balance. There is no need turning your whole life upside down to look and feel better in your body. What we offer you is the path of small steps leading to greater goals.

Instead of getting yourself ready for the Ironman contest, start with something simpler – a daily cup of our tea.

Stressful, fast paced life, New Year's resolutions, fight against time before the bikini season ... Sounds familiar?

We believe that each of us carries their inner beauty, which shines externally. We are here to support you in the journey to a better self by offering products that allow you to take care of yourself just as you deserve it.

Our inspiration comes from Asia where, despite hectic life, people know their way to slow down, stay slim and remain healthy. For thousands of years, they have benefited from the cleansing and energizing powers of tea.


It all started out like this ... Few years ago we started travelling to Asia - the world of tea.

What surprised us the most was that people drank tea at every occasion - from dawn to dusk. Another striking feature was that literally all Asian women were slim, full of energy and looked extremely young.

It turns out that there is something in the world beyond the good and old Earl Grey.

When during our travels we wanted to counteract the effects of an intense Shanghai life or simple jetlag - the prescription was always the same – "have a cup of tea".

And that's exactly what we have done. We have become tea’s greatest enthusiasts and our love towards it resulted in creation of FIT SENSEI.


We drank a lot of tea and carried out many tests before our carefully selected compositions of teas and herbs were finally created. .

There are no magic formulas, only natural ingredients designed to help you achieve your goals.

We know that keeping a healthy, balanced lifestyle with only 24 hour-day can be quite difficult, which is why we have made every effort to ensure that our blends are not only delicious but also really effective.